Connected Iconography
Ongoing collection of icons created to stretch design abilities within predetermined parameters.
Dia de los Muertos Poster
Poster created as a result of the design prompt "Day of Dead at UT".
Mercury Morning News
Logo for a radio show, hosted by the UT Dallas student newspaper, The Mercury.
Document Branding
Project initiated with the need to have a cohesive set of application materials created from scratch.
JCCA Designs
Commissions by the Junior Competitive Climbing Association and Summit to advertise bouldering events in fall of 2018.
Mercury Illustrations
A selection of illustrations that I made for the UT Dallas student newspaper, The Mercury.
Simic Card Art
Commission by someone looking to have a Magic: The Gathering card based on himself. Based on the Ravnica Simic guild themes.
Senior Recital
Two posters for a Texas State Music student’s senior recital.
River the Summoner
Project based on a Pathfinder RPG character, a Half-Elf Summoner.
Logo made for a new youth basketball team and sports organization in Dallas.
Sad Pua
A vector illustration based on Pua, from the Disney film Moana, conveying a sad emotion.
Mercury Infographics
Infographics made for the Mercury Student Newspaper to accompany articles.
Evil Spell Book Prop
An orthographic projection of an old spell book that shows signs of a tumultuous past.
Dante the Sorcerer
Project based on a D&D character, a Tiefling Storm Sorcerer with a Pseudodragon Familiar.
French Spaceship
3D Model of a French spaceship made for a modeling and texturing class.
Duck Creek Diorama
Duck Creek animation for a geoscience research project.
Music Sync
A motion graphics project of shapes synced to music.
Climb Dallas Website
A website design project to explore climbing options in North Texas.
Snapshot Webpage
This is a digital simulation of an art installation I created for the Spring 2017 Art Show at UT Dallas.
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