Mercury Morning News
Logo for a radio show, hosted by the UT Dallas student newspaper, The Mercury.
Document Branding
Project initiated with the need to have a cohesive set of application materials created from scratch.
JCCA Designs
Commissions by the Junior Competitive Climbing Association and Summit to advertise bouldering events in fall of 2018.
Simic Card Art
Commission by someone looking to have a Magic: The Gathering card based on himself. Based on the Ravnica Simic guild themes.
Dante the Sorcerer
Project based on a Dungeons and Dragons character, a Tiefling Storm Sorcerer with a Pseudodragon Familiar.
River the Summoner
Project based on a Pathfinder RPG character, a Half-Elf Summoner.
Logo made for a new youth basketball team and sports organization in Dallas.
Senior Recital
Two posters for a Texas State Music student’s senior recital.
Mercury Infographics
Infographics made for the Mercury Student Newspaper to accompany articles.
Mercury Illustrations
A selection of illustrations that I made for the UT Dallas student newspaper, The Mercury.
Evil Spell Book Prop
An orthographic projection of an old spell book that shows signs of a tumultuous past.
French Spaceship
3D Model of a French spaceship made for a modeling and texturing class.
Duck Creek Diorama
Duck Creek animation for a geoscience research project.
Music Sync
A motion graphics project of shapes synced to music.
Climb Dallas Website
A website design project to explore climbing options in North Texas.
Snapshot Webpage
This is a digital simulation of an art installation I created for the Spring 2017 Art Show at UT Dallas.
Character design based on a gecko found in a gym.
Crystal Tony
Character inspired by the whimsical art style used in the television show Steven Universe.
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