Simic Card Art
Magic: The Gathering Commission - Raster Illustration
Final Version
     This project was commissioned by someone looking to have a Magic: The Gathering (MTG, a fantasy trading card game) card based on himself. The client wanted the card to be part of Ravnica Simic, which is a blue and green themed guild, and features storylines such as scientific experimentation and genetic modification. The client's request was for a cartoon-inspired style and for the inclusion of a mutant cat. The canvas was sized to fit the standard art window on a MTG card, then scaled up to poster dimensions. This way it could be printed either at poster size, or scaled down and printed at the card size with minimal loss of detail.
Brainstorm Composition Thumbnails
Sketch 1 - Posed with props, head, and cat.
Sketch 2 - Built out the body shapes, pedestal, and cat details.
Sketch 3 - Clothes and props detailed.
Sketch 4 - Added background containing the source animals for the mutant cat.
Foreground - Ink, Flat Color, Shading/Highlight
Background - Ink, Flat Color, Shading, Glow
Subject - Ink, Flat Color, Shading/Highlight
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