River the Summoner
Pathfinder Character Design - Raster Illustration
Color-Blocked Sketch
     This project was based on a Pathfinder character, a Half-Elf Summoner. Pathfinder is a fantasy role-play game, similar to games like Dungeons and Dragons where characters are generated based on number and rating systems. I challenged myself on this project to convey the character's stats and characteristics through design alone.
      The character uses leather armor to stay light on his feet, although his gear shows wear from frequent use. The final sketch was color-blocked black to increase visibility instead of the usual inking process I would've done. This was to retain the irregular, more organic line quality the sketching and refining process left.
Sketch 1 - Thumbnail posing.
Sketch 2 - Initial anatomy construction. Blocked in sickle and staff weapons.
Sketch 3 - Further defined torso and sickle.
Sketch 4 - Added armor and gear. Detailed weapons, outfit, and gear.
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