JCCA Designs
Competition Poster and Shirt Designs - Raster/Vector Illustration
Final Poster for the October Competition
     These projects were commissioned by the Junior Competitive Climbing Association (or JCCA) in conjunction with Summit Climbing, Yoga and Fitness (a gym in North Texas) to advertise events in the JCCA Bouldering Competition series in fall of 2018. Because they were for kids' competitions, I trended toward brighter, more vibrant colors to be eye-catching and appealing to the young participants. The mascot for the organization is a stylized gorilla, which is a common subject I attempted to incorporated into these designs. The JCCA and Summit were open to ideas, so I largely had the freedom to design as I saw fit. However, it was a collaborative process, involving consistent communication and incorporation of feedback. The sketches and the October poster were done as raster illustrations, and the shirts were vector designs for printing.
JCCA October Competition - Poster Process
JCCA October Competition - Shirt Process
JCCA November Competition - Poster Process
JCCA November Competition - Shirt Process
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