The Gentleman Gecko - Raster Illustration
Final Version with color-blocked lines and highlights.
     This project was inspired by a gecko found in a gym. After I brought him outside, a friend told me that he would've been more happy being educated as a gentleman. This illustration pushed me to think outside of the box, not only to create an interesting character, but also to lead the audience to believe that this character belongs in a world where he might be a common sight. The clothes are based on an older style, and the skin pattern and cut tail are based on the original gecko.​​​​​​​
Sketch 1 - Posed with props and head shapes.
Sketch 2 - Built out the body shapes.
Sketch 3 - Clothes and props added.
Sketch 4 - Added tail and bare feet (Geckos wouldn't wear shoes because they need both hands and feet to crawl on walls).
Ink, Flat Color, Shading
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