Duck Creek Diorama
Geoscience Animation
Final Video Cilp
     This is a video clip I made, as part of larger video for a geoscience lab, to explain an excavation trip to study the Duck Creek riverbed on the Oklahoma-Texas Border. This clip is a diorama showing the approximate movement of the animals that would have inhabited the area at the time of study. I illustrated each frame/cycle for each animal, the environment background, and animated all of the movement of the animals and the environment in the scene.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
1. Ammonite: 9 Frame Cycle
2. Echinoid: No visible movement
3. Gastropod: 4 Frame Cycle
4. Gryphaea: Fixed to Sea Floor
5. Inoceraomus: Fixed to Sea Floor
6. Scallop: 5 Frame Cycle
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