Dia de los Muertos Poster
Practice Poster - Vector/Raster Design
Final Poster
     This poster was created as a result of the design prompt "Day of Dead at UT". I assigned myself this design prompt in October of 2019 as an exercise to practice my graphic design skills.
     First, I created a University of Texas themed calavera, which is the sugar-skull decoration and face paint prominent in these celebrations. Then, I created a first draft of the poster with the elements I wanted to include such as the event information, the skull, and a variety of colors. I wanted to represent the heritage of the celebration, which is why there is a Spanish version of the text.  I eventually used the Spanish text above the English in the final version to further emphasize the cultural significance. Next, I started to push and manipulate the elements into different groupings, playing with color, depth, and size. I changed the colors to match the symbolic colors of the celebration, which are white, orange, purple, pink, red, and yellow. Once everything was in place I incorporated a tissue paper texture, which is a common material used in Day of the Dead decorations, and added more depth and contrast with color adjustments.
Poster Process
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