Illustrator, graphic designer, and digital art generalist.
Anthony is a graduate of The University of Texas at Dallas, class of 2018, with a BA in Arts and Technology and a minor in Visual Arts.
He started college in the sciences, looking to become a mechanical engineer. He left engineering to study a variety of subjects before making a home in the arts. This curiosity has led him to become versatile, and to develop a proficiency in a wide range of skills.
He actively seeks critique from others in an effort to continue learning and improving. He is self-motivated, chasing the newest and best methods, and solutions to problems. He enjoys taking on new assignments that push him creatively and intellectually. He can thrive in a fast-paced environment and can morph to meet design requirements, such as a company style. Lastly, Anthony is passionate about digital art and design, and ready to face brand new challenges.
8 years on Cross Country teams - Eagle Scout - Rock Climber - Vegetarian - Dog and Cat Person
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